Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society, Kalaburagi

ESTD: 1958

Empowering through

Brief History

It was Swami Vivekananda in his letter to the Maharaja of Mysore had conveyed aptly about great visionaries - “They alone live, who live for others,...” This philosophy is very much nearer to the founding fathers of HKE Society. A Team with character and conviction does not need stimulation and motivation’, Mahadevappa Rampure, with his team has transformed this area in to a progressive society, using education as an instrument of change. The single handed credential of Mahadevappa Rampure as captain has the collective endeavor of all his team-mates. Each one has contributed proactively their respective wisdom, extended helping hands in times of scarcity, crisis, stability and progressive time.

The individual ENERGY of Mahadevappa Rampure coupled with energies of his well wishers, leaders, statesmen, philanthropists, administrators, academicians, and visionaries contributed in the form of SYNERGY as a profound foundation for this premier education society.

It is often said that ‘One who eats fruits, should remember the person who has planted and others who have nurtured’.

It is with this backdrop, we remember the services of the entire team and express our gratitude to those noble persons who strived for a noble cause and not just applause.

Hence we salute with respect and remember with gratitude Sri Mahadevappa Rampure, his associates, successive presidents and their teams for contributing in a very big way for steady growth of our society. Apart from them, many others have also helped in a significant way. We offer our respects to them and remember them with gratitude.

Sarva Shree....

Above all we are greatly indebted to all the farmers and the common men of
Hyderabad Karnataka area who were instrumental in making a humble beginning by way of charitable financial assistance.

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