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ESTD: 1958

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Message from President


Shri. Basavaraj S. Bhimalli

I, Baswaraj S. Bhimalli President, Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society, Kalaburagi, feel privileged to welcome and request all concerned, to visit the redesigned website of Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society and of all the institution, managed proactively with a vision of quality centered education.

HKE Society, which has withstood the test of time, for academics, quality based education, value centered imparting not just information, but enabling the students to be of wisdom for more than 5 decades over a span of the these years, the part teaching, Non teaching staffs have continuously toiled to provide quality education and today we have alumni’s in all profession, spread globally.

HKE society, with 40+ institutions, 1000 faculties, 2500 administrative staff and more than 10000 students has grown into a huge Baniyan tree. HKE society has within its fold almost all faculties- Medical (Allopathic, Homeopathy, Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing with Basweshwara Teaching and General Hospital and Sangameshwara Hospital), Engineering (Architecture, Engineering, Polytechnic, ITI’s), Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, Law …etc and even post graduation courses with research centered environment.

To grow adopting to change is necessary.

It was Darwin who opined that, ‘it is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent, but one most responsive to change who ultimately survives” the world is moving fast and lot of changes are taking place, what is true today may not work tomorrow one has keep pace with changes, otherwise institution will be swept away and finally perish into insignificance.

It is with the moto and being part of competitive global village, I as President, with totally patronage from Vice-President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, conveners, Council members and above all the honorable members of Hyderabad Karnataka Education society, who blessed me and my team, assure with conviction, that the management will go to the apex extent in motivating, the purpose, staff and students to reach the pinnacle in academics and set standards for other to fallow.

I wish this endeavor of redesigned web site as a fruitful exercise.

© 2015, Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society, Kalaburagi.